Saturday, October 04, 2008

Down Home Painting

Last week we found some great spots to paint out at the Mendenhall Campground. We have fall colors here! Some of them are moss, but the yellows and reds really show up against the dark evergreens and the gray skies.

And really, what is weather compared to the wonderful friendships we have formed with each other. The time to go out and find a spot, look at each others work, and catch up on art, family and personal news is pretty fantastic. Its good for the soul to have fellow artists to discuss contrast, value and the best kind of brushes!

We don't always get to jet off to exotic locals, or even drive out of town (via the ferry). Sometimes we just gather on Saturday mornings at the A&P to talk and conduct a little business (2009 calendar wizard Cristine is on us to get images picked!).