Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The London adventures

We are here, and have had a nice long nights sleep at St. Margaret's Hotel in Bloomsbury. After landing at Heathrow and standing in an interminable passport entry line we found the Tube and rode the Picadilly line right into London. Got off at Russell Square and walked to our hotel (less than 10 minutes). After unpacking a little and putting our feet up on the wall (waterfall position from yoga) we forced ourselves to get up again and get out so that we could start resetting our clocks to London time. (Nine hours ahead of Juneau.)

Tea or some other form of caffeine was definitely in order, and was quickly found, along with a few refined carbohydrates of the sugary type. Then more strolling around to find an internet site. Along the way we found the BEST, quaintest arts store.

Here is a description of L Cornelissen & Son
105 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3RY

"Established in 1855, little has changed in this enchanting art supplies shop. Inside, its charming and old-fashioned. Towering shelves sweep up to the ceiling, lined with large glass jars of pigments and pastels.

A favorite in art circles, it stocks a wonderful array of brushes, calligraphy equipments, a specialize range of gold leaf and other decorative effects, oil paints, paper and a small selection of books. They even supply quills to film companies. It’s worth popping in, if just to get a glimpse of the unique interior and to soak up the musty smells and long-standing Victorian atmosphere."

Whoa . . . It is amazing, and close (uh oh!)

Then Sherri, Jane and Barbara decided we better do something art related, so we walked back to Russell Square and claimed a bench and sketched in the beautiful park under increasingly clear skies and setting sun.

Then back to the hotel and got a recommendation for a great Indian restaurant - The Chambelli. VERY nice, linen table cloths, quiet, and to top it all, absolutely terrific food and service. We managed to have a little dinner (sharing all around the lamb curry, lamb & spinach, and lentil soup, and the BEST Naan (flat fried bread fresh off the stove.) Then home to our basement bedroom with garden windows. We all slept from 9 till 2 a.m. then all woke around the same time and then managed to all get back to sleep - till about 8 a.m.

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