Tuesday, April 25, 2006

London, Day Two

Although technically its day two here, we feel like its our first real day, now that we are out of our sleep deprived state. After a great breakfast served at our hotel, consisting of poached eggs on toast, bacon, grilled tomatoes, tea, juice, prunes, etc. we set out for the British Museum at the crack of 11 a.m. Walking the 2 short blocks was easily accomplished and since entrance is free, we breezed right in. We had noticed that there is an special exhibition of Michaelangelo drawings, so we bought tickets for a 12:50 time for £10. Then went and browzed the Pre-history rooms.

The prehistory stuff was terrific. Lots of British stuff of course but also lots of European things and then quite a bit about the Byzantine era and Constantinople and the Eastern Roman Empire.

Then the Michaelangelo drawings ( which make you want to quit drawing altogether as well as dedicate yourself to anatomy and life drawing simultaneously.) Wow. A short stop at the special gift shop set up for that show, then lunch at 2:30 in the Court Yard Restaurant. Very nice and fairly expensive but a truely classy place - perfect for the likes of 3 classy lady artists from Juneau. Then more gift shops, postcard writing. We decide to split up so Sherri can nap, and Barbara can find a good internet spot, and Jane can explore. Plus they close the British Museum at 5 so we had to get out!

So tonight, who knows, we have to get our art practice in (Jane and Barbara did a little sketching in the Museum before it closed) but we probably will settle somewhere in one of the many public rooms in our hotel to draw. Dinner may be at a pub, but may not, we'll see. . .

Turkey seems lots closer now. London is full of international and local tourists, but not feeling crowed or hectic. Lots of flowering trees and spring flowers - we hear they are having a rather late spring.

Well, that is all for now!

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