Friday, April 28, 2006

London Updates - Thursday and Friday

Sherri, Jane and I are all tapping away here at the Camera Shop/Cafe/Internet connection just down the street from the British Museum. It was nice to hear back from our Juneau friends sharing our trip vicariously.

Yesterday we walked our feet off by "doing" the Tate Modern and the Tate British, finishing off at a string concert at St. Martin in the Fields. After our usual wonderful breakfast at St. Margarets we decided to save our walking for the museums, and thus took a bus to St. Paul's Cathedral (Wow), and then a short walk accross the Milleneum Bridge to the Tate Modern. The Millenium Bridge is a pedestrian way that crosses the Thames and goes straight to the entrance of the Tate. The Tate Modern was fantastic, the building itself is a large converted power plant or something and the large scale of spaces is perfectly suited to the modern spirit of the art. Saw a great installation of boxes (maybe I can add a picture later)

For now, will have to finish up, since Jane and Sherri are packed and getting ready for one last shot of Britain before heading out to Heathrow for the flight to Istanbul. Barbara had to pack up just to move rooms in St. Margarets. Jane and Sherri will take the tube at about 2 p.m. Barbara has the Courthalt on her list and plans to wait for a last minute spot at an artist's talk at the National Portrait Gallery this evening. Then tomorrow more strolling and then to meet Nancy at Heathrow for the flight to Istanbul.

I promise to fill in food descriptions etc. but for now must log off and toddle off with the girls.

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